The experience of Autism is not one thing. It is many things. It’s dreams, talents, relationships, victories, hurdles, and everything in between. The connection between those experiences is you™

Community Building

At the core of ASN’s mission is community. Our goal is to build communities of connection, comfort, inclusion, mutual respect, and support. Our support groups are coordinated by local volunteers with the support and guidance of ASN. We currently have support networks in Scottsbluff, North Platte, Lincoln & Omaha that provide local support events and resources. We also collaborate with other organizations and agencies to improve our communities and provide joint events.

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Information & Referral

We hear you! At the Autism Society of Nebraska, we create connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources available to them. Whether you are new to the diagnosis or are facing new challenges throughout the lifespan, contact us for support. Many of us at ASN are parents, professionals, and self-advocates like you. ASN strives to connect Nebraskans to the information, news, referrals, and resources available to them.

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Knowledge is empowerment. ASN collaborates with organizations to provide education to improve the lives of Nebraskans affected by autism.

  • ASN created a website called Stay Safe and Self-Advocate at It is dedicated to physical and mental health self-advocacy (including Covid). Our goal is to add content and expand the site’s reach.
  • We collaborate to provide autism training for first responders and to help those with autism learn about first responders.
  • ASN participates at the NE ASD Network annual state autism conference.

Do you know of organizations providing education about Autism or Autism related services?


Everyone in our Nebraska Autism community deserves to live fully. ASN believes that both the empowerment of self-advocacy and legislative advocacy are critical to our communities. Because the experience of Autism is not one thing. Because it is many things. And because the connection between those experiences is you.


  • ASN created a website called Stay Safe and Self-advocate that is dedicated to physical and mental health self-advocacy (including Covid) at, with the goal of continuing to add and improve self-advocacy content over time.
  • We collaborated with the NE ASD Network to bring PEERS social skills curriculum and training to Nebraska.
  • ASN has and will continue to provide opportunities to learn and positively interact with first responders, through training and collaboration.

Legislative advocacy efforts:

  • ASN participated in grassroots efforts to inform Nebraskans of legislative activity at the state and federal levels.
  • ASN’s Board members and self-advocates have met with national elected officials through the Autism Society of America’s Day on the Hill in Washington, DC.
  • ASN continues to grow our legislative and policy advocacy efforts.