The “UNBEATABLE” Event Returns for 2020!


The “UNBEATABLE” Event Returns for 2020!


Hello Unbeatable Athletes!

We’re back, pandemic, and all!

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Join your friends, coworkers, family members, and complete strangers for the “run” of a lifetime.  Well, wait…COVID.  Actually, we would prefer you stay in your car.  For real, please stay in your car. It wouldn’t be an Unbeatable 0.5K without food, drinks, and prizes! We will still have lots of options for you to choose from!  Sure, you are going to drive all 546 yards to the finish line in a slow and orderly fashion but it’s going to be FUN!

We know, you’re already worried and asking yourselves: “Can I do this? Will the superior athlete in me be able to stay in my car and not just jump out and run?” 

The answer is yes, you are ready to stay in your car!  

We will carefully approach with all the precaution we possess and throw the items into your car from a safe distance.  Just kidding, we will wear gloves and a mask and hand them nicely to you through your window or put them in your trunk.  

But that’s not all, there will be food trucks, trunk-or-treat, photo ops, prizes, and fun!   Join us at the Lancaster Event Center on October 30th between 5:00-7:30!  

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The Unbeatable Team!


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