Thank you, 2019 Omaha Gives donors!


Thank you, 2019 Omaha Gives donors!

Thank you 2019 Omaha Gives donors!

Your support is helping empower our mission to improve the lives of people affected by autism. Gifts were made between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

Kinesha Roach
Janine Brooks
Carolyn Behrens
Ashton Popple
Wendy Andersen
Darrell Metcalf
Rachel Ramm
Karen Beck
Michelle McPeck
Kevin Mahler
Brian Berry
Devin Fox
Linda Ely
Michael DeFreece
Angela Price
Jeffrey Allen – in honor of Tyler Allen
Wendy Hamilton – in honor of Moppy
Brenda Horst – in honor of Carson Horst
Cooper Long
Joseph and Kerry Bast
Marilyn Bradsby – in honor of The Roberts Family
Kent Bushnell
Roberto Montiel
Catherine Kellogg
Jill Prinz – in honor of The Allen Family
Nina Wardell – in honor of Cole
Susan Wagoner – in honor of Gigi Wagoner
Cynthia Vetter – in honor of Arianna
Badura and Wintz Law
Robyn & Sean Roberts
Steven Sangimino
Richard Lowery
Darleen and Hugh Mahler – in honor of William L
Sheila Sheppard
Elizabeth Peake
Drs. Merling & Luke Tsai
Stacy Spulak
Julie & Doug Czepa


Listed in descending chronological order of gifts made on May 22, 2019.