Autism Society of Nebraska (ASN) – Scottsbluff Autism Support Network

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About the Autism Society of Nebraska Scottsbluff Support Network

A large part of our Autism Society of Nebraska Scottsbluff Support Network  is community. We have worked to create events that are fun but also safe spaces for families and individuals affected by autism. People with autism are actively included in all that we do, from participating in our events, to running support groups and being board members.

We try to expand our programming to include many focuses and subject areas in order to allow everyone on the spectrum to have a place within our organization, and promote subjective wellbeing.

Social connections are a large part of our support groups, whether it be a more formal discussion setting or a group of people getting together to hang out, we foster social connections in all of our groups. Self identity and acceptance is an important aspect of all of our programming, but it is especially seen within our adult social and support groups. Respect and dignity are also deeply embedded in every part our organization. Everything we do has a goal to promote respect and dignity for people on the spectrum.

Long Term Success for the Autism Society of Nebraska Scottsbluff Support Network can be measured in whether people on the autism spectrum of all ages and all locations across Nebraska’s Panhandle (and surrounding communities) are included, empowered, and enfranchised.

Each year, The Autism Society of Nebraska Scottsbluff Support Network hopes to present community gatherings that are well-promoted, well-attended, and well-documented.

These events will provide necessary, valuable, engaging information and community-building entertainment/recreation to a population who faces abnormally high levels of isolation and disenfranchisement. Our events will speak to people on the spectrum, their family members, and their caregivers.

How do we measure progress?

Autism Society of Nebraska Scottsbluff Support Network local representatives work with Autism Society of Nebraska Board Members to ensure that Scottsbluff is well-resourced.

Likewise, local Autism Society of Nebraska Scottsbluff Support Network representatives share information and numbers of participants with the ASN board, which seeks to publish an annual report every year, which will contain qualitative and quantitative metrics of success that are standard in the nonprofit/NGO human services industry: number of people served, number of people served in various demographic and geographic segments, number of events, dollars raised, dollars spent, results of evidence-based programs, results of educational or recreational programs.

Since Autism Society of Nebraska Scottsbluff Support Network’s current iteration, which is led by Reagan Boyer and Heidi Larsen, PA, was established, the organization has hosted dozens of programs for people on the autism spectrum that has enriched their quality of life. Topics of educational presentations have included:

– Safety in public
– Emergency preparedness
– Visual scheduling for families
– Hygiene
– Resources for the disability communities in the Nebraska Panhandle

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