Omaha Gives 2020 Supports Autism Society of Nebraska


Omaha Gives 2020 Supports Autism Society of Nebraska

Omaha Gives 2020 Supports Autism Society of Nebraska

On May 20, 2020, the Omaha Community came together (digitally) to support more than 1,000 nonprofit organizations at a level never seen before. “Omaha Gives” hosted by the Omaha Community Foundation and presented by American National Bank, raised more than $2,600 for Autism Society of Nebraska Omaha Support Network. Donations fuel the organization’s ongoing efforts of improving the lives of Nebraskans affected by autism through community-building support networks, information and referral services, advocacy, and education.

Support ASN on Omaha Gives Day

To raise awareness for the day, Genisa Neal, a longtime friend of ASN, created a remarkable ASN/Omaha Gives-themed chalk drawing on the driveway of her friend’s house in Papillion…

Below is the list of donors who supported ASN on this day:

Brian Berry       

Aimi Daughtery (In honor of Travis Daniel)

Janine    Brooks       

Julie Czepa       

Albertha Schmid (In honor of Aaron Dawson)

Christine Charleston (In honor of Dr. Candice Lake)

Jeffrey Allen (In honor of Tyler Allen)

Elizabeth Peake       

Kristy McGuire       

Toby Shanks Jones       

Anne Houser       

Suzanne Ritchie       

Mackenzie Shinbara       

Karen Beck       

Kerry and Joseph Bast       

Michael DeFreece       

Angie Roderique       

Michelle McPeck       

Catherine Kellogg (In honor of Jude Wilson)

Robyn Roberts (In honor of Nathan Roberts)

Jerry Brabec    (In honor of Parker Booton)

Carl Fosco    (In honor of Graham Allison)

Emily Harrington       

Steven Sangimino       

Wendy Hamilton (In honor of Moppy)

Richard Lowery       

Stacy Spulak (In honor of My Son)

Howard Stimson               

Ray J. Lukowski (In honor of     Ray David Lukowski)

Nina Wardell (In honor of Cole Wardell)

Anonymous (In honor of: My baby brother will. I love you.)

Anonymous (3)   


If you would like to make a donation to Autism Society of Nebraska, you may do so here:

Our Omaha Gives page is >> here <<