Omaha Gives 2019!

Autism Society of Nebraska reaches out to businesses in innovative, mutually beneficial approach to 2019 Omaha Gives! 


Attention Business Owners!

May 6, 2019

Omaha Gives has been taking place in Omaha for 7 years, connecting Omaha’s nonprofits with new donors and generous people in our community who otherwise may not be exposed to them.

While this event has been successful in connecting self-directed individuals to the nonprofits who serve our area, little has been done to engage businesses.

We have created a “ASN 2019 Omaha Gives Business Partner” program that requests a modest gift and promotional efforts from your organization, which ASN proposes to acknowledge with a suite of partner benefits, such as cross-promotion and a unique piece of art from someone in the ASN community. Please see attached and let us know if you would like to help. We would be honored to have your support in this new initiative.

We hope that this timely exposure to your company’s sphere of influence can help expand our community and provide a new generation of individuals and families affected by autism that can band together to make our community as welcoming and inclusive as possible for people on the autism spectrum and those who love and serve them.

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Your gift on Omaha Gives day supports ASN’s unique programs right here in Omaha!


ASN ACN Omaha Providers Breakfast 2018.