Omaha Gives 2018 – Thank You, Omaha!!!

Omaha Gives Results and Summary - May 2018


Omaha Gives 2018 – Thank You, Omaha!!!

Autism Society of Nebraska Omaha Area Support Group Secures $2,000 in Challenge Funds in Omaha Gives Challenge — and Surpasses Goal

Thank You, Omaha!

May 24, 2018 // Thanks to everyone who supported us yesterday during the Omaha Gives campaign! Thanks to you, Autism Society of Nebraska’s Omaha Support Network will receive $2,907 from the Omaha Community Foundation and an additional $2,000 from two generous families. We are delighted for the people in our community affected by autism. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of such an amazing community that shares our passion for improving the lives of adults, teens, and children on the autism spectrum, and the people who love them.

We are awed by your generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Names below are listed in order that donations were scheduled/given:

Connie Wolfe
Robyn Roberts in honor of those who love and support our ASD loved ones
Chris O’Callaghan
Patricia Neff  in honor of JP Neff
Brian Berry in honor of Britney
Jeff & Sheila Sheppard
Wendy Hamilton
Mackenzie Millard in honor of Nick M.
Natalie Swift
Steven Sangimino
Kristine Mahler
Jill Prinz in honor of Jackson Allen
Shawn Neff
Wendy Andersen, Redefining Normal
Darleen & Hugh Mahler in honor of William L.
Susan Wagoner in honor of Gigi Wagoner
Karen Beck in honor of River Beck’s graduation
Badura and Wintz Law
Susan Clement
Roberto Montiel
Kent Bushnell
Brian Orme in honor of Brayden Orme
Terry Abram in honor of Terra E. Johnson
Ray & Marilyn Bradsby in honor of  The Roberts Family
Aviture, Inc. in honor of Ryan Mack
Patricia Langner
Cynthia Vetter
Sue Sharp
Nina Wardell in honor of Kyle And Cole Wardell
Moore’s Concrete in honor of Jack H.
Kate Weitz
Laura-Lee Needelman
Annie Anding
Michelle McPeck
Heather Rudolf
Jeff Allen in honor of Tyler Allen
Brenda Orr in honor of Jack H.
Kinesha Roach
Carolyn Behrens
Joseph Bast

A Special Thank You to Our Challenge Funds Donors

A special THANK YOU to ASN’s Challenge Fund donors, Sarah & Adam Yale and Julie & Doug Czepa, who generously pledged $1,000 each toward this amazing day. These generous gifts helped build energy for the day and galvanize a record-breaking level of support.