Learn more about Guardianship and Conservatorship in Nebraska


Learn more about Guardianship and Conservatorship in Nebraska

Nebraska Guardian and Conservator Network News:

As part of the Nebraska Office of Public Guardian’s public outreach, we are excited to launch our inaugural “Guardian and Conservator Resource” page on the Nebraska Supreme Court website! This page is specifically designed to be a hub to help guardians and conservators navigate life after their appointments. The website can be found by clicking HERE.

The page covers aid for the aging and adult population, including seniors and people with disabilities, aging and adult service providers, adult protective services, and long-term care ombudsman resources.

The child and family section includes child and family service providers and children’s be havioral health system information.

Information on developmental disabilities includes information on developmental disabilities for participants and families, disability service providers, and home and community services aged and disabled waiver.

The mental health tab details various mental health service providers.

Included in all sections are the following resources: mediation, legal service providers, pre scription assistance, assistive devices, a library of health topics, a directory to find services, and a link to find networks of care.

The financial resources tab is the hub for various economic assistance programs in Nebras ka. The section details subjects ranging from ACCESSNebraska, how to apply for Medi caid, Supplemental Security Income, veterans benefits, or the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, to finding rental housing.

While we are excited to have a central place where guardians and conservators can find information for post-appointment aid, the Guardian and Conservator Resources page is new and still under development. If you have any suggestions for resources that should be included on the page, please contact Linda Kallhoff, the Office of Public Guardian’s Education and Outreach Coordinator, at (402) 471-8839 or email her at


Guardian & Conservator Resources | Nebraska Judicial Branch
This webpage has been developed by the Office of the Public Guardian to provide a central place where guardians and conservators can find information for post-appointment aid. Please use the below tabs to navigate public and private organizations and resources that can help with your duties as a guardian and/or conservator.