How does ASN act as a force for good in Lincoln?


How does ASN act as a force for good in Lincoln?

You can fuel the amazing work that ASN is doing RIGHT NOW to improve lives in Lincoln!

Dear Friends,
We are writing today to remind you that “Give to Lincoln” is taking place on Thursday, May 28, 2020 at The event is an online-only giving event encouraging residents of the Lincoln/Lancaster County area to support Lincoln/Lancaster County-based nonprofits.
We would like to ask you to join us in celebrating by either making a donation through our ASN Give to Lincoln page, drawing a sidewalk chalk picture and sending us a photo (, or simply sharing our link on your Facebook page.
In many ways, the last twelve months have been some of the best months for the Autism Society of Nebraska community in Lincoln in recent memory…
  • In June of 2019, we celebrated Autistic Pride Day at the Hilltop House. Families and individuals (including many adults) gathered to participate in artistic activities, a drum circle, and other enriching endeavors.

ASN’s Autistic Pride Day took place in June of 2019 at Lincoln’s Hilltop House.

The Unbeatable Run drew an impressive 500+ attendees in a Sunday in September of 2019. Pretty impressive for a first-time event!
  • In January 2020, ASN presented an extremely high-quality training for educators, parents, and providers who work with (or live with) teens or adults on the autism spectrum. It was called the “ASN PEERS Training Event,” and featured a day-long interactive presentation from the Nebraska ASD Network that showed attendees how they might implement the innovative, evidence-based PEERS curriculum, which was developed at UCLA in the early years of this century and now leads the industry in social skills-building curricula in the autism world.

The PEERS Training Event in Milford (west of Lincoln) served educators, parents, and professionals who work with individuals on the spectrum.
  • Also in January of 2020, we organized an autism community gathering and resource fair that brought community members and providers (such as occupational therapists and disability program coordinators) together to connect and discuss opportunities for greater impact. It was the first such gathering in a long time and it enabled some necessary dialogue among providers and community members alike.

The resource fair brought autism-related providers together to communicate with each other. More importantly, the event welcomed members of the community who engaged with providers with whom they otherwise would not have interacted.

As the prospect of bringing people together is not as simple as it once was, ASN remains committed to providing unique solutions in the Lincoln community. We are currently pursuing options for online gatherings that enrich the lives of people on the spectrum — and the lives of their family members and providers.

Our work is fueled 100% from donations from people like you. We do not receive money from Autism Society of America, but we do not give money to them either. Your gift to ASN through Give to Lincoln will STAY IN LINCOLN and benefit the people of Lincoln and Lancaster County!

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