100% of Every Dollar Raised Stays in Nebraska


100% of Every Dollar Raised Stays in Nebraska

When you give to ASN, your donation goes to work here in Nebraska

We keep hearing it everywhere we go: “You need to tell people more often that every dollar you raise stays here in Nebraska.”

And we are proud to say it. It’s 100% true: Every dollar raised stays in Nebraska.

Unlike a lot of nonprofits that affiliate with a large national organization, Autism Society of Nebraska does not pay dues or fees to a central office in a faraway city.

Autism Society of Nebraska is proud to be an affiliate of Autism Society of America (ASA), based near Washington, D.C., but the relationship is characterized by a sharing of ideas, information, and national events, not transfers of cash.

While ASN does not directly receive cash from Autism Society of America, ASN does not pay or forward any funds to ASA either!

We are a Nebraska-based 501c3 non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to improve the lives of people in Nebraska affected by autism.

Our Walks Benefit Nebraskans

When you make a gift to ASN — or even when you purchase a ticket to one of our Walks — you can rest assured that ASN’s resources are spent on products and services that are sold by Nebraska businesses and individuals. When we grant money through our granting programs, we give only to families that are living in Nebraska, just like us.

We love and welcome people who come visit us from other states and we will never turn away new people in need from our support networks, but our mission and our values demand that we direct our resources to our neighbors who navigate life on the spectrum.

How We Improve the Lives of Nebraskans
  • We facilitate programs that educate Nebraskans.
  • We host support groups and events that serve Nebraskans on the spectrum and their family members and caregivers.
  • We advocate in Lincoln for all Nebraskans on the autism spectrum.
  • We provide information and referral services to Nebraskans week after week, many of whom are recently diagnosed, under-resourced, or in crisis.


Look around. This is our home. We want Nebraska to be a state where everyone is welcome and everyone has a voice. When you give to ASN, you can rest assured that you are supporting our mission to foster a Nebraska that is inclusive, equitable, supportive, understanding, and, most of all, autism-friendly.

Let us say it one more time because it feels so good: Every dollar raised by ASN stays in Nebraska.


To benefit Nebraskans affected by autism today, make an online gift >>HERE<<