Autism Society of Nebraska

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ASN has been a part of the Nebraska landscape for 35 years.
We are committed to helping the families and individuals living with autism spectrum disorders by supporting the local legislation,
publishing a parents resource book, fundraising, and helping plan the annual statewide Autism Conference.
The mission of the Nebraska Chapter of the Autism Society of America is to support and advocate for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families.


CONTACT  •  1.800.580.9279  •
Autism Spectrum Disorders Network
Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders Network


Autism Family Network

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Autism Family Network (AFN) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization located in Lincoln, Nebraska, which was founded in 2006 with a passion, love, and desire to help families who have children with autism.
Our mission is “to provide a safe place for families to share their smiles and stories and shed their tears with those who truly understand…to know they are not alone.” It is place that they can find help amidst frustration and connection with other families.


CONTACT  •  402.421.0874  •
Autism Action Partnership

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Autism Action Partnership, also known as the GWR Sunshine Foundation, provides education and awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders, including their impact on individuals, families and the community. Special attention is given to diagnosis and treatment options; educational opportunities; and community resources available to diagnosed individuals and their families.
Our Mission is to improve the quality of life of persons on the Autism Spectrum and their families through education, advocacy and support, thereby enabling them to be an integral part of the community.


CONTACT  •  877.273.2271   OR   402.763.8830  •
Gluten-Free Casein-Free

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Gluten-Free Casein-Free

This website was developed by a local parent whose daughter needed a wheat free and casein free diet. It is a compilation of resources on folllowing a gluten and casein free diet.