2012 ASD Birthday Party

The University of Nebraska at Omaha  has a graduate level class that educates tomorrows professionals on Autism Spectrum Disorders.  This amazing class of students finalizes their semester with a service learning project where they put everything they learned into practice.  The Autism Society of Nebraska has been thrilled to partner with them and as you will see this is a mutually rewarding experience!

Their instructor, Dr. Mitzi Ritzman, is a well known face at our many autism events.  One particular experience that virtually all of our families face has really touched her.  Birthday parties!  These social gatherings are so incredibly difficult and as our children grow up the birthday inviation becomes virtual non-existant.  This is where our friends at UNO come into the picture!  Dr. Ritzman feels that every child should have memories of childhood birthday parties!

We had over 20 families join us this year for a spectacular Birthday celebration!  The Autism Society would like to thank the UNO students and Dr. Ritzman for helping us build memories to cherish for a lifetime!