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Omaha Gives!

The Autism Society of Nebraska has a unique and exciting opportunity. It’s only a few hours before the launch of Omaha Gives! - a 24 hour charitable challenge organized by the Omaha Community Foundation. The online giving holiday will take place May 21st from midnight to midnight. We are participating and competing for matching funds. The more money we raise, the larger percentage of the over $600,000 match pool we will receive and all money raised by the Autism Society of Nebraska during this event will remain in Omaha to help the people of Omaha. Tomorrow, please consider going to Omaha Gives and making a donation to the Autism Society of Nebraska.

How can you help the Autism Society of Nebraska during Omaha Gives!?

  • Donate to us on May 21st through the Omaha Gives! website. Give $10 or $10,000…every gift is appreciated.
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends that you will be giving to the Autism Society of Nebraska and encourage them to give. You don’t need to be from (or living in) Omaha to give, everyone can participate.
  • Cheer on our progress! On May 21st, watch the leader board on and help the Autism Society of Nebraska to the top.