Let’s Retrace Our Steps: Is It ADHD, Bi-Polar Or ASD?


Let’s Retrace Our Steps: Is It ADHD, Bi-Polar Or ASD?

The Autism Center of Nebraska and the Autism Society of Nebraska are honored to host a presentation by Dr. Luke Tsai on Wednesday, December 6th from 6:30 to 8 pm at the Autism Center of Nebraska, 90th and Q. Registration is not required.

Dr. Tsai’s presentation topic is “Let’s Retrace Our Steps: Is It ADHD, Bi-Polar Or ASD?: ASD may have many co-existing psychiatric disorders and it is critical to be able to delineate between ASD and other possible co-existing disorders.” This presentation is for parents, educators, service providers, physicians, mental health providers, self-advocates and other interested parties.

Dr. Tsai is a scholar, a researcher, a teacher, a father of a young man with autism, and a friend of individuals with Autism and related disorders. He has received awards and honors for his work with individuals with neuropsychiatric disorders. He has been selected by his professional peers as one of the Best Doctors in America. He is much sought after nationally and internationally as a speaker, consultant and researcher. He is widely published and his publications include more than 93 articles and 46 books or book chapters. Dr. Tsai is the author of Taking the Mystery out of Medication in Autism/Asperger Syndromes and Raising our son with Autism – A family’s 40-year journey which has been translated into both the traditional and simplified Chinese editions and published in Taiwan and China. His research interest includes: diagnosis and classification of Pervasive Developmental Disorders/Autism Spectrum Disorder, genetic, neuroimaging, and psychopharmacological studies of developmental disorders including autistic and Asperger disorders.

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