Autism Society of Nebraska is raising money to expand and deepen programs. We want to have the capacity to improve the life of every Nebraskan affected by autism… and we can’t do it without you. 

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Make a Donation

Click the link below to make a donation right now! Monthly recurring donations are best. Donations are the most significant source of ASN’s revenue and gifts of any size and frequency are greatly appreciated.

Questions about donations? Contact Kevin Mahler, Director of Development, at


Autism Society of Nebraska is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Tax ID number 14-1540002




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Donate without giving cash; Give with TAGG

TAGG - Together A Greater Good

TAGG is an app that allows you to leverage your daily spending to support causes you care about, such as ASN’s mission of improving the lives of all Nebraskans affected by autism. To participate in this easy and painless way of  supporting ASN…

  1. Download TAGG app in App Store
  2. Register, choose Autism Society of Nebraska and scan your TAGG code at any point of purchase where you see the TAGG logo
  3. And if you forget to TAGG in store, upload your receipt within 7 days of purchase

More about TAGG here:


Donate without giving cash; Give with Amazon Smile

Support ASN Through Amazon Smile
Image: Screenshot of your Amazon homepage when you select ASN as your designated cause.


When millions of supporters shop at, charitable donations quickly add up.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account through
  2. Type in “Autism Society of Nebraska” as your charity of choice.
  3. Start shopping! You’ll find all the things you love about Amazon–low prices, vast selection, convenient shopping–and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to ASN.

Amazon Smile will remember your charity of choice for future purchases, too. Tell your friends and family about Amazon Smile so that a portion of their purchases helps improve the lives of Nebraskans affected by autism.


Planned Giving

(Designating Autism Society of Nebraska in your Estate Plans or Last Will & Testament)

If you have named ASN in your estate plans (or if you have not yet named ASN in your estate plans, but would like to), please let us know by contacting Kevin Mahler, Director of Development, at

Naming ASN as a beneficiary in your last will and testament will ensure the continuation of ASN’s important work for generations to come.

ASN is Nebraska’s first and most enduring autism-related agency and has every intention of serving Nebraskans with autism in perpetuity. The organization has been excellent stewards of gifts received through bequests historically and will continue to honor the wishes of the donors.

Autism Society of Nebraska is in the process of establishing mechanisms to publicly recognize individuals who have named ASN in their estate plans.


Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts are gifts made in memory of people who have passed away. Many people make gifts to ASN and include a note that the gift is being made in memory of their friend, family member, or former teacher or healthcare provider who has died. Often this tradition is encouraged at funerals and memorial services by family members, funeral homes, and friends of the deceased.

If you would like to name ASN as your designated charity, please notify Autism Society of Nebraska by contacting Kevin Mahler, Director of Development, at

We will work with you to ensure that your funeral/memorial arrangements will include the essential information to make memorial gifts easy and seamless.


If you would like to make a gift online in memory of someone important to you…

You may donate by clicking the yellow DONATE button at the top of this page, using ASN’s secure PayPal giving form. Please be sure to write “in memory of [first name] [last name]” in the memo/notes field.


 Make a Donation to an ASN Walk

Support one of our walks to help raise awareness for autism in Nebraska and rally our communities. For your convenience, make your gift through autismnebraska.donordrive here.




Autism Society of Nebraska is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Tax ID number 14-1540002