Grants & Scholarship

The mission of the Autism Society is to improve the lives of every family affected by autism.  The focus of the Nebraska Affiliate is working locally and regionally throughout our Nebraska autism community.  100% of the funds raised here in Nebraska stay in Nebraska where we can directly impact the individual with autism, their family, their educators and the entire community surrounding them.

To fulfill our mission, the Autism Society of Nebraska has created our Supporting our Community Grants.  To begin the application process please click the appropriate link below.


2015 Individual Enrichment Grant Application

2015 Individual Conference Grant Application

2015 Educator Conference Grant Application

2015 Classroom Grant

2015 Support Group





This scholarship was established to give hope, affirmation, and financial assistance to young people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder who plan to continue their schooling after high school

2015 Dan Archwamety Scholarship Form

To submit an application you may:

1. Print, scan and email to

2. Print and fax to 1-800-580-9279

3. Print and mail to:

Autism Society of Nebraska
Attn: Grant Application
PO Box 83559
Lincoln, NE 68501-3559
These grants are available to Autism Society of Nebraska members. Not an Autism Society of Nebraska member? Please complete our membership application online at 2015 Membership is FREE!